Where are you from in California?


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I reside in the Ontario area.
I hunt hogs, bears, turkeys...and coyotes
almost all hunting I do is with my bows, very little gun hunting anymore unless I want to do a Coyote at 200yrds.


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Hey fellas,

I reside in southern California in the Torrance and redondo Beach area.

I like to hunt just about anything but my favorites are Boar, Deer and Varmint.

I learned a little from my Dad as a kid, really young however i never really got a chance to learn to much because he went to Heaven when i was in high School.

I use a Savage .30-06, Remington 870 Express, and a Remington 597 for the Varmints.

My favorite and most embarassing hunting moment was with my brother in the mojave desert years ago hunting for jack rabbit. WE just got to our spot when a rabbit jumped out of the brush right next to us, when were trying to load our weapons so fast we couls not even hold the rounds. We were dropping them all over the place while laughing at each other watching this nice jack run in a perfect line in front of us. The rabbit got away and we didn't see any other the rest of the hunt. That was a long time ago when I first started hunting but it always puts a smile on my face. it reminds me to just have fun.

Right now I don't have a dream hunt, I just love being outdoors and have a great time regardless of what or where I am hunting.

Spectr, thanks for all the advice and information you provided today. :JHO rocks:


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I love hunting Rabbit. They really give you a run for your money. In the past I would go to Mojave Desert but the past couple years they started developing at the location i went to so now I am looking for a new area. Any recomendations?
I am from San Diego, but a transplant from NY retired military 23 years. I have bowhunted in the Laguna's, rifle hunted on Camp Pendelton, and D8. Actually drew X10 this year as second choice. I hunt with two other retired transplants from NY


I'm Rick. The Corps ordered me to MCAS Miramar last August. As soon as I reported I left for Iraq, then went on to Afghanistan. I am now back at Miramar and living in the SOCAL area. Looking forward to taking my kids out for a deer hunt or two along with some waterfowl hunting.

MCAS Miramar


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:archer green:Hi I'm Mitch, just moved to the Torrance area from Nor Cal. Recently got back into bowhunting and bagged a nice tom on opening day this year in San Andreas, Ca. Looking for a place to practice outdoors around here and site in my new bow out to 40 yards. Looking forward to do some scouting for deer, turkey and pig. I like this site for all the info it offers.

Pick n Stick:patiotic-wavin-flag


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I'm Jules. I came from a hunting family, but for some reason, my dad stopped when I was three. I remember going camping on that hunt, but not much else.

So I decided to teach myself when I was 22 and newly married. I dragged my then-husband along, but without someone who knew what they were doing, it was sort of a cluster. I spent a little bit of the next decade hunting, but most of it not, thanks to having children.

When I got divorced, I had a good group of friends who did hunt, and who were enthusiastic about taking me and teaching me, so I started back in again. One friend's grandpa brought me to his honey-hole miles back in the hills (we'd backpacked in) and helped me get my first deer.

It was this group of friends that led me to falling in with a group of houndsmen. Eventually I became friends with them independently, and was the odd single woman hunting with them. I took a couple of bears and did a lot more photography for them and their fledgling guide business. Bear hunting became my passion, although I'll still go out and do a little deer hunting when they're back at camp relaxing after a hunt. I rarely actually shoot them, preferring to keep my tag for the season.

This group in turn led me to meeting people from another camp near us, one of whom became my husband. We got married up at camp last year with hunters all around us. The last people to roll in were late because they'd seen a three-point on the way in - we all went and admired it before the ceremony.

My husband and I now live in Atwater, with our hunting partners spread from Modesto to Firebaugh. I still mostly carry my Remington .243, although I see that my son is going to want that when he turns 12 mext year. That's OK; I'll carry my other Remington, the 30-06.


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I've been an on-off member of JHO since 2003..but its been a while.

Where are you from in California? : Live in Sacramento (2 years now), spent 7 years in Fresno and before that I grew up in Missouri.

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?
here in CA: duck in MO every year: I go back for deer, but my passion is squirrel...:lol bashing sign:it really is

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip? Dad tought me, but I dont know how old I was...I know that I graduated from a pellet gun to a .22 the day of "first communion" and was soon sitting in the woods waiting out tree rats :)

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind
? all of the above, and then some

What is your favorite hunting memory?
all of them!

What is your dream hunt? CA or CO elk...but I'll "settle" for oregon ;)


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I moved to Ventura County last November from Canada. Most recently from Vancouver BC, but lived most of my life in Yellowknife NT. Got into .22 rifle target shooting there in Boy Scouts at age 10, got pretty good at it, did a bit of caribou hunting (much like grocery shopping up there, really), but not a lot.

Because I'm here as a "non-immigrant alien" on a work visa, the only way I can legally import my current rifle (an old .30-06 I got from my father-in-law, who's holding onto it for me back in Canada) is to possess a hunting licence from one of the states. I just completed the course last week.

I was thinking of getting back into target shooting -- this time, specifically handgun, USPSA/IDPA etc., maybe buy me a Glock or some such -- but after doing the hunting course, I was thinking it might be nice to go out now and then and put some pork on my fork. (I only want to hunt things I'll eat, and I don't enjoy deer etc. as much as I would pig.)

So I've been reading everything I can find in the hog forum, and once I get around to getting my rifle down here, and having some spare time (new career, lots of OT, lots of studying for exams), I'll be checking around to see if any experienced hog hunters here are up to helping a noob get started. Maybe in the spring....

(And if any of you are also in Ventura County and also into practical handgun shooting, I'd love to hear from you.)


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My name is KEN I live in CAMINO. I hunt black tail,black bear,turky,predators.I hunt wiyh a crossbow ,handguns, rifle you name it:smiley_yahoo:favorit memory last year hunting in a tree stand with my 12 yearold boy next to me while achieving my personal best archery black bear. He was with me from the kill to the grill.:skeered: Dream hunt kill a big grizzley. My dad taught me how to hunt and fish.

Thanks KEN
Swampa are you still in Santa Barbara?
I am in Goleta and have just got into the hunting game. I want to go pig, deer and bear hunting next season.


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My name is Paul, born and raised in Riverside CA. My brother and I started hunting with our Pop and Grand Pa when we were kids. Rabbit, quail, duck. Used to hunt around Perris, Mo Val when it was Sunnymead, off Allesandro. Would hunt duck off Red Hill Marina at the Salton Sea. (In fact if anyone knows who stole a boat, motor and 4 guns after a big windstorm in 1984 that capsized our boat forcing us to be "resuced" by the Salton Sea Coast Guard my brother and I would like to meet you.) We live in So Cal and still hunt duck, rabbit and now quail and pheasant we we can find them. Teaching our kids to hunt too. Any tips on where to find quail and rabbit would be appreciated


Where are you from in California? Citrus Heights, grew up in Trinity County spent 6yrs in Navy

What kind of game do you like to hunt the most?

Deer, Elk, pigs, ...I haven't been hunting in yrs, getting back into it would like to hook up with someone to learn pig hunting and where to go

Who taught you how to hunt and when was your first hunting trip?

My Uncle taught me how to hunt. My first hunting trip was in 1969, squirrel hunting with my new Marlin 60 . I killed my first Buck hunting in the Trinity Alps area

Do you use a rifle shotgun, or bow? What kind?

I use rifle and shotgun. I have a dpms 223 and a 6.8mm and I have an Remington 700 in 308. I also have a Remington 870 and SW MP 15-22 .22 for small game and pinking.

What is your favorite hunting memory?

I'd have to say every hunt I've ever been on is on my favorite list. I think anytime being outdoors is a great memory.

What is your dream hunt?

That would be a Horseback hunt for mule deer and elk, Any of the western states muley and Elk hunts. I think most any hunt would be great for me to be
honest. I would really like to Pig hunt


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I was born in Monterery Park. Grew up in Hacienda Heights. Lived in the south bay for about 12 years. Now live in Brentwood. I don't get to hunt very often and basically still learning but have been hunting Quail for the last 6 years or so. Duck when I get drawn or invited. Went Dove and Deer hunting with my dad and grandpa when I was a boy. Didn't get to actually hunt though. Took up fly fishing in 2001 and don't get to do that as much as I'd like either. With both vocations I'm still learning and need to learn much, much more. With small kids it's hard to do as much as I'd like of anything.

I have a 20g o/u for the Quail and Dove. A compound bow from my father that I've yet to use. I guess I did my dream hunt a couple of years ago outside of Aberdeen, SD for Pheasant, duck and geese. What a blast! Now I mostly think of areas to hunt in SoCal. We usually drive all the way to AZ for the Quail and Dove. I'm pretty sure there are birds closer!

Peter Meyer

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I run black and tans in El Dorado County. Been doin it for only 6-7 years now. My girlfriend introduced me to it with her step dad who has been running hounds for over 50 years. Got my first bear with my dogs the first year they were ready. Ain't nothing like it. I'm active in defending our rights. The Fish and Game Commission knows me well. Commissioner Sutton thinks my opinions are "misplaced". If they don't follow through with the new proposals I'll tell him where he can place them. We are fighting a war in CA against an enemy that is numerically superior, better funded by 1000% and has a propaganda machine to rival the Nazis. If hunting with hounds is outlawed will you be an outlaw?

"We must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we
shall all hang together" -Benjamin Franklin replying to John
Hancock's remark that the revolutionaries should be unanimous
in their action. July 4, 1776 at the signing of the Declaration of

-Peter J. Meyer
[email protected]


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My Name is Devon,

I am from Orange County. I mainly bow hunt with a Hoyt these days but still hunt whith a riffle when I get drawn for a good hunt. I started hunting after hearing stories from my Dad about him hunting Pheasants and Squirrels in Minn. and reading all the hunting mags. My brother and I and several friend we grew up with started out chasing anything we could and catching them and bringing them home, when we got old enough we graduated to hunting small game and birds. We deer hunted for years whith out getting anything as we learnedf from our mistakes. We finally went out of state to Utah where I got my first deer, I was alone and had never seen a deer cleaned, so I did my best but only took the guts out and failed to cut the diaphram out and remove the lungs and heart! We have been deer hunting every year since , with a lot of duck and goose hunting thrown in. Had the luck to drawn some elk tags in Az over the years. Now our sons are going every year and we get to watch them as they all have some great Jr hunts and have seen all of them take deer with riffle and bow! I am not sure of my favorite hunt memory but my favorite times are when I am all alone and make a great stalk on a deer in the sage with my bow. My dreem hunt will be when I draw a sheep tag!


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Hi my names ross i live in oakdale,ca i hunt doves deer quail. My guns are a mod 70 30-06 mauser98 8mm for deer,for birds a winchester 97,benelli nova 20ga and a remington 1100. My dad taught me about hunting . My ideal hunt is g37 and i drew it this year,finally lol


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My name is Ken

I live in Sierra Madre, some might think this is NorCal but I am right next to Pasadena.

I hunt local mule deer mostly.

I hunt with archery only.

When I was 15 I walked in to an archery shop (Archery Headquarters in El Monte which is no more) and was hooked by the owner. He taught me how to hunt the local mountains.

My current bow is a Martin Moab single cam.

My favorite memory is every time I get up at 5AM and walk into the forest.

My dream hunt would be a guided elk hunt in Colorado or Mew Mexico.

I am an avid Offroader. I have a 2003 Jeep Rubicon.

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