Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Hogs?


I live in Orange county and tried Cleveland forest for pigs. Did not find any. Called the office and got the map with marks. Cound not see any pigs in forest anyway. Looking for a buddy or mentor with more experience within couple of hours driving from Orange. Anyone?


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Dimashtil, there is a Mentor Wanted forum, I suggest that you make a post there requesting a mentor. I would also suggest that you include your age, physical shape/limitations, experience as a hunter... as your profile is a bit sparse.

As a new hunter, if I were you, I would lower my expectations on seeing game. At this point in your hunting, I would concentrate on the needs of the animals, such as food sources, water sources, and bedding areas, within the areas you hunt and scout. If you learn the above and also learn how to find fresh sign, you will eventually be seeing animals. Keep in mind that it often takes a new hunter years to harvest their first animal; pigs on public land is a really tough order to fill for an experienced hunter, let alone someone new.

Best of luck!


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I'm from the Bay Area originally. I use a Remington 700 to hunt. I didn't learn as a kid but started in my 20s. My friend taught me most of what I know. He's my college buddy and he brought me along with his family friends. They basically adopted me into their hunting group-- and they have been hunting since THEY were kids (a lot of the guys are 50s+ now). Its cool because I get to piggy back with them and hear the stories they have from decades ago and they are still going strong. These days I'm hunting and guiding in Madera, CA.

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I'm from the SF East Bay area, by way of the San Fernando Valley where I grew up. I come from a long line of yellow-dog Democrats, and being Conservative and involved with guns and hunting has made me the "black sheep". Started hunting in 1972 or so, and didn't start hog hunting until about 2000. Killed my first 3 pigs with Tom Willoughby as a guide, but most all of my hunting buddies moved out of state one by one to escape the screwed up politics. I put down my pig rifle just before the lead ban, but not before hunting Ft Hunter Liggett several times without success.

Fast-forward to last year..... by sheer happenstance I happened to run across a guy on CalGuns that was headed to FHL, and so I weaseled my way into his hunt and got re-aquainted with the fun and adventure of pig hunting. Had to learn to reload for lead-free, and had to re-zero my rifle, but it worked out well and I've enjoyed a modest bit of success lately bringing home the bacon.....as it were. :) I've tried BLM land with 0% success, and I've done the guide thing with 100% success - but the ~$500 bite to the wallet was making the wife look cross-eyed at me. FHL is realatively cheap - $150 for a yearly pass - and has been good to me and I know my way around a good part of it now, so that's where I hunt pigs. I've got a 60% success rate going there, and the freezer is overflowing with pork. I'm Happy.

I've taken them with pistols, rifles, and shotguns. I need to kill one with archery now - that's my current goal.
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Hello all, My name is Greg. I live in Los Angeles.

I've had my hunting license for years but this was my first deer season. I have a pig tag and would like to fill it.

I hunt with a Remington 700 CDL in .30-06, a Remington 700P in .308, or Marlin's in .44 & .357 with S&W 682+ & 629 Classic...will buy a Savage in .223 to go along with AR's and Mini-14.

I'm cheap, like to hike and camp so Public land is fine. I've filled out the paperwork for Vandenberg and hope to get there soon. I hunted D11 with no success. I'm also planning a camp/Hunt in the Las Padres
hi there, im from chico here in butte county. i havent actually hunted yet but i plan to go hunting in cache creek and the surrounding areas


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Hunt mostly in the Northern Sonoma County area. Started about nine years ago, when I moved here from Chicago. The real estate agent that sold me my house here took me out and showed me the ropes, I'm hooked now. Started out with a 30/30 that I use if I'm in more wooded areas, otherwise its a Ruger American 30.06 that is scoped I'll use that more in the wetter weather when the pigs are out rooting in more open country. Love this site and looking forward to meeting some other hunters here.


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Live in Boulder Creek Ca just started hunting pigs this year. So far only solo scouting trips through Los Padres Natl forest, Big Sandy and Stockdale mtn.
All my friends are duck hunters!
Good to see someone from the area. I'm in Felton/Mount Hermon and a few weeks away from my first pig hunting venture. I plan to hunt Fort Hunter Ligget and Los padres with rifle and Lake Sonoma once I'm back up to speed with my bow.


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I'm from the Bay Area, been hunting pigs in CA for about thirty years. South in SLO, Paso Robles, San Benito, to east Fresno, to North Sonoma, Mendocino, and Hopland. Various areas and terrain, both public and private. Rifle and archery.


man i would love to link up and go hunt some hogs i used to go to tejon ranch alot but it got to expensive. I normally hunt with my grandpa but he is getting to old unfortunately.... love the dude. I no longer have anyone to hunt with....


I'm in Hanford and I plan on trying out Vandenburg Air Force base sometime soon. I'm new to hunting so time will tell how it goes lol


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I'm in Hanford and I plan on trying out Vandenburg Air Force base sometime soon. I'm new to hunting so time will tell how it goes lol
I hunted hogs near Kaweah Lake about 8 years ago. Lots of hogs in the area, but mostly private land. It was a guided hunt and my first time hunting in that part of the state. Also hunted public land around pine flat reservoir for pigs. Lots of sign, but didn't see any. You are in a good spot!

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