Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Hogs?


I am from Washington but I have hunted hogs in California, Tennessee and on Islands off the coast of Georgia.


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I'm from north Alabama and I hunt hogs mostly in south Georgia. Hunt some in Alabama near here and a bit in TN. Been hunting with a few guys from TN for about 35 years, we use dogs to hunt hogs and bear. I use an M1 carbine on hogs, it's the perfect hog gun when you're using dogs. My first hunt was in TN a looooong time ago. I really don't have a dream hunt for hogs,...we have it about as good as it gest I'd say, we have a ton of property to hunt that has a lot of hogs on it....and we have made some lifelong friends that hunt with us down there.


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Hog hunting

Brand new to this web-site. I usually hunt hogs along the California Coast. Mostly on private ranches. Love hunting hogs during the off season from ducks and deer.


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Hey Doc,

I am in So Cal as well and am looking to hunt Hogs. I tried Los Padres for Coyote but did not see any hog although I was not looking. Next time you want to do a hog hunt let me know and we'll set something up. I am going to try Monterey County in the near future. I also use a .30-06.


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Hey everyone!

Newbie from Big Island, Hawaii here! I'm glad I came across this site. My husband & I hunt on private ranch land for pigs. Have hunted on public land, but I prefer ranch hunts. Just spoiled & easier...lol.

I use a 243 & him a 270. Have also used a 22 long rifle and a knife.

Dad taught me how to hunt. I shot my first pig at 10 yrs old, just started hunting again with my kids.

Dream hunt- pig, goat, upland birds all in 1 day! Wait, been there done that. Haven't really taught about a dream hunt, maybe a family hunting trip? hmm


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hey all

Just found your website this is great. i was first introduced to hogs last year by my father n law at the twisselman ranch and now I'm hooked worse then a largemouth bass on a crawdad. i'm always looking for places to hunt and for hunting partners. I'm in central cali and use a Higgins 30-06 on the piggies


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Hey Guys,

Great site! First time poster... long time reader.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area. Been hunting some type of game since I could hold a rifle. Dad taught me how, and I have had the priviledge of hunting Big Game with him multiple times a year for the past 22 years. An opportunity that I look forward to sharing with my son as well someday.

Have been hunting hogs for 22 years. Have taken some nice ones and have been taken by some nice ones as well. I have hunted a lot of North American Big Game and I can truly say that hog hunting is as fun and exciting as anything that I've ever hunted.

Took my first hog on Santa Cruz Island at 12 years old.

Took my most recent hog on Tejon Ranch about 6 months ago.

The 20 plus years in between found me on the Die Creek Preserve in Los Molinos, the Lone Ranch near King City, Hopland, and Santa Rosa Island. This year Dad and I are looking forward to giving Fort Hunter Liggett a try.

I have used a number of weapons including a 30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, and now my favorite rifle for hogs is my Marlin 45-70.

If you have never hunted hogs, start now... you won't regret it!


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As far as I know hunting is a sport, fun and it comes with hard work. In California hunting boars, feral pigs or hogs (whatever you call it) is no more a sport. Private landowners usually charge an arm and a leg, some are just plain rude and rough if any hunters stray into their properties (many of which are unmarked). Animals are extremely difficult if not impossible to find in public lands, except for military grounds. So what do we do to enjoy this sport? If only the pig hunters would just stop hunting pigs for a year, then the private land owners would beg on their knees to hunt their land and the public land would have enough so all of us would have a good time. Any suggestions? Please send to [email protected]

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New to the site

Hey guy's glad to meet you all. I live in wheatland ,CA just north of Lincoln. I usually hunt pigs behind campfar west lake on private property and also in Redbluff with my buddy who runs a guide service there. I have been fortunate enough to bag some nice pigs over the years and hope to swap stories with some of you.
Hi Guys,
I'm new to the forums, I hail from Santa Rosa, CA.
I hunt primarily in the Valley of the Moon (Sonoma) for deer and turkey and Cazadero for pigs. I'll be hitting Lake Sonoma pretty hard this year with my longbow, too.


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howdy to all. been on here for a little and havent really posted much. i originally started hunting pigs at age 12 with my dad. we started in the blackwater state forest in northwest florida. its a battleground out there! it takes very little skill to get down there in the river bottoms and start annihilating some pigs. i got more into "real" hunting and started hunting in southern alabama and southern georgia where it actually takes skill to track and harvest an oinker. ive taken 2 in california. one at FHL with a friend and i did an outstanding trip to cedar canyon and harvested a nice 150 pound boar out there. i use my 7mm rem mag and my smith and wesson 45acp. i missed with 3 shots at about 5 yds at cedar canyon. no ones fault but my own. it was hectic! theres nothing better to me than spending a weekend out hunting hogs, turkey, and deer. i hope one day my son has the same enjoyment that i do.

central cali fishin

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I everyone live in central CA in the mountains above Fresno near Yosemite. I went on my first hog hunt last week found some fresh sighn and i was right on em but no hog. No one ever taught me to hunt its something my father showed no interest in until i got into it, now he wants to go so i am looking forward to taking my father out this year along with my two little brothers and getting them all hooked. So i am new to the sight and new to hunting but i have been shooting all my life. My dream hunt would be getting one of those trophy Boars that run back and forth between LPF and Carmel they are there. I hunt with a Remington 30-06 742 carbine, Ruger Black hawk 44 mag, and a Pse Deer Hunter. I hope to get a hog off of public lands with all of them but especially my Pse anyone hunting in central cali or LPF send me an email. [email protected]


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I'm from Washington State. Moved to Glenn County about 1 and a half years ago. Been Hunting hogs for a little over a year. I have permission to hunt a 17,000 acre ranch of rolling hills and almond orchards. I have shot at a couple but have yet to get one. I have taken friends and every time I do, they get one, so I guess I'm lucky for those who hunt with me. I normaly hunt with a 30.30 when I walk the orchards or a 300 Savage when I sit and wait for them to come out of the orchards. I am just getting into Hog doggin. I have a Catahoula that has been in the bay pen a few times and really hates hogs, Next week end, May 8th, I am going on my first dog hunt with a couple of fella's from San Rafel with thier dogs and my dog Buck. My Dream hunt would be anywhere there are hogs, and hunting them with my own pack of dogs. I got a long way to go.


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Im Lemrick Heywood and i'm from Hesperia CA. I hunt hogs out of Tularee County in CA. I use a Bear "charge" compuond bow and a .300magnum weatherby mark v and occasionally a .44 magnum ruger blackhawk. My father was the first to take me hunting in 2007. My dream hoig hunt would to be to go to Germany or Russia for a few wild earasian boars.


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I'm from Ohio.

My first hog hunt was in Louisiana with a Marine buddy. I didn't get a hog that day but I have been hooked since then.

I do most of my hunting in the south since there isn't as much oppurtunity to hunt hogs in Ohio. When I do hunt I use revolvers. Normally use a .357 mag or the 460.

9mm ammo


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I'm 35 years old, from the Central Valley and I hunt Mule Deer, Black Tail, Hogs, Upland, Turkey, Coyote, pretty much everything! I am a former Marine CPL (93-97) 2nd Btn 1st Marines, " NO Better Friend, No Worst Enemy" aka "The Professionals"! OOH RAHH. I love God, Family, Friends, and Cold beer. This past deer season I took my biggest buck, 3x4, in the D8 area with my 7MM from 205 yds. I have been hunting hogs for the last 9 years and have harvested only 2. I will be heading up to FHL where I have had zero luck, but i did take a turkey from TA 19 last spring with my bow.


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Hello all, Im from Bakersfield,Ca and been hunting hogs for 2 yrs and haven't harvest or seen a hog yet, so I join a hunting club and since then on private land I have seen lots of hogs, But out of bow range but im still learning the game. The club I join has lots of pig ranches 8 close to my home within 2-3hrs and others up north its just a matter of time before I harvest a hog.


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I'm Eric from San Jose and I typically hunt hogs down near King City and Coalinga, and sometimes am fortunate enough to hunt a private ranch in Gilroy. I use my Savage Model 99 .308 for piggies.

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