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Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Upland?

Hi all! Chris here from San Diego.

I was introduced to hunting about six years ago by my now ex-father-in-law. I've mainly hunted dove in Yuma, AZ and in the Imperial Valley in CA, but I've also hunted pheasant, chukar, quail and goose.

I didn't hunt last year due to my divorce, but I did shoot a few dove last weekend in the Imperial Valley. My father-in-law has been hunting the area for years and was a great guide, but now I feel kind of lost out there by myself. I hunted a few of the DWU fields last week and the shooting was slow, but I still had a great time. I'll be back out there next weekend to try and shoot a few before the first season ends. I figure there won't be much out there, but I just want to get out and pull the trigger a few times.

I shoot a Remington 870 pump. My favorite hunt so far was a goose hunt in Colorado. My dream hunt is either a pheasant hunt in South Dakota or a dove hunt in Mexico.


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My name is Art and I have lived in I.V most of my life. Hunted squirrel, rabbits and quail as a boy in E.Tex til we moved out here in '68. I hunt dove, quail, ducks and varmints. Hunted Pheasant, Dove and Quail in Mex til it got too expensive. I like to tune up on Squeakdogs in the spring and summer.

I still prefer my Rem 870 for upland game and the Marlin 25 MN 22 mag for the Squeakdogs. I shoot a Rem 700 in 222 for varmints like Coyote and the the mag for Fox and Bobcats.

I Jeep, prospect and just run around the Chocolates as much as I can in the winter. Metal detecting and Catfishing are other things I like to do when I can find the time. Love the desert for camping and hiking.

I haven't been to this site in a while and was surprised at how much it had grown and happy to see more folks from the I.V. posting here. Just looking at the join dates of new members blew me away. And Jesse is still the postingest guy on the web!


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Hey Guys,

My name is Jesus (or Chuy). I just started Upland hunting in 2007. I went to the Angeles National Forest and shot my first California Valley Quail. I have hunted Dove in the past but just started going after Quail. I am also interested in Chukar and Pheasant. Hopefully I can go out on in December and bring home some birds for my Birthday Dinner. I live in Lakewood and am willing to pair up with others to get a weekend hunting trip. I use a Remington 870 and my dream hunt is like everyone a SD Pheasant hunt.

D 1 U Know

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My name is Earle, (freinds call me Bird) I live in Ridgecrest Ca. I hunt Dove, Quail (all), and Chukar. I used to hunt ALOT every year, since I was @ 20, got away for awile , and just got back at it this year. Now I`m 46 and the hills seem a bit steeper! I have several shotguns but, my favorite is my first 870 Wingmaster. This year I`ve been using my Browning auto 5, (it works GOOD). I did`nt know how popular this area is for Chukar till I started reading the forums. There are birds here this year but , they are running in small coveys, and pretty hard to get into. I plan on hunting by the Lake Isabella area for opening weekend, as we have a home there also. My dream hunt would be somewhere in South America for some fast dove shooting. Good luck to all this year,,,,,Happy Ground Pounding!


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Hey everyone. My friends have talked about JHO for a while so I finally decided to join. My name is Shawn and I'm from Visalia. I started hunting dove with my father when I was about 8 years old. I've been hunting heavily for the past 8 or 9 years. Started with dove then quail and band tailed pigeons. Picked up a few roosters in past years and now into waterfowl. I shoot mainly here in the central valley. I've shot the same Moss. 500a 12ga. for almost a decade. Not the best looking gun but a workhorse that does'nt mind getting beat up and dirty. Thanks for an awsome website.


I am Russ from Susanville and I hunt upland in NE California, mainly Eastern Lassen County. Mainly Chukar and Grouse.


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"Where are you from and where do you hunt upland?"

I'm from San Bernardino, CA. Born and raised. I mainly hunt quail in the high desert, and around the foothills of the valleys. I also shoot a few doves from time to time.

"Do you use a bow, shotgun or Rifle? What kind?"

I mainly use modified airguns that I build. I also do a bit of shotgunning. I started out with a recurve bow.

"Who taught you to hunt upland and when was your first upland hunt?"

I'm a self-taught hunter. I lived with my grandparents when I was a young teenager, and they had a motorhome and liked to travel. I had nothing to do on long trips, so i took up hunting and fishing. My first hunting trip was when I was about 13 years old. I got my first cottontail with a recurve, and had a ground squirrel drag one of my arrows halfway down its hole before shaking it, lol. My first upland hunt was also with a bow. Shooting quail in a burn area near cherry valley. Moved up to airguns, and eventually started building them for a living.

"What is your dream upland or small game hunt?"

Probably a chukar hunt where I actually find birds and get a limit, lol. I've managed one chukar in my entire life, and I'm 28, lol. Taken at 50 yards with an airgun while hunting jack rabbits.


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Im from the upper peninsula of michigan. I own two english settters. male and female. i hunt grouse and woodcock here and i also try to make a trip to south dakota every year for pheasant. i wont be able to make the trip this year sorry to say but i have been hunting and training my dogs on the pen raised pheasant that i have every year. hope to talk with some other folks out there that have some dog training tips. JM



Welcome to JHO . What sort of training tips are you looking for? I would like to invite you to look over the section titled a Gun Dogs Life and also visit Gundogs Blog. I will be happy to help.
Bryce Mann "Gundogs"
JHO Pro Staff


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How's it going fellow hunters? I'm new to the site, but I sure do love it already, lots of good discussions and advice. Thanks to you old pros. I have a lot of hobbies QUADS, WAKEBOARDING, FISHING, etc.... but hunting UPLAND is my favorite and training my GSP. I hunt mainly KERN COUNTY for dove and quail but would like to experience new places, I just don't have the time to scout and I don't have many friends that hunt

If anyone is in the same situation as me and needs someone to hunt with let me know. I shoot a Beretta al391 it's a great gun. Good luck this season. My dream hunt would be a week long cast and blast... Hells Canyon looks sweet..


Welcome to JHO. I too hunt Kern county Ca quite a bit at the 4 Seasons HC in Techachapi. (www.4seasonshunting.com) along with the gun dog competitions and guie service which takes me around. I have a few GSPs of my own.


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Thanks Bryce, I did a hunt at the four seasons last year, that was my GSP's first outting. It was a lot of fun. I'm looking to go back in a week or two depending on my schedule, and availability of my buddies. Maybe we could meet up there sometime, I'd like to see your dogs.



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Hi my name is Rhyan. I have been hunting for 2 years. I live in Palo Alto,CA but due to living in Sonoma, know a few good places in Sonoma and Napa counties(quail, dove, turkey, waterfowl, and small game). I have been looking for a hunting partner for upland/small game.
How old are you? What would you like to hunt? And how far are you willing to drive?

If you are interested, email me at [email protected].


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Dream hunt?

First dream hunt,Pheasant hunting in the cotton fields of central Califoria 40 years ago with dad and grandpa and my Daisy pal. Now I shoot the 870 wingmaster my dad used then. Second hunt, Duck hunting at Mendota when my sons shot thier first ducks and geese. Every hunt is a dream hunt, if not a great memory.


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Hey Kids,

I hunt in the Indio Ca area for dove and Quail. Looking at spreading out this year and going down to the Blyth Ca area. I am also determined to get a nice Turkey this year for the table so i can justify the new gun and all the early mornings to my better half. Might give duck a whirl this year as well...


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hey guys, Im from Fresno, Ca and i do alot of upland game bird hunting on private land but for the first of every season of doves i head to Mendota wild life area. I use my 12 gauge benelli super black eagle 2. I would like to thank my dad for getting me into hunting since the age of 5. What is my dream hunt? awww...thats easy, one of these day im taking my dad and my friends to Argentina for some serious bruising.:)

Peace out!


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