Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Upland?

john N

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I just retired and moved to North Fork Ca from Orange County. Been a hunter for 40 years. I am so damn busy catching trout I havent found places to hunt upland up here yet but I really miss hunting and am gonna have to put down the pole/pick up a gun soon. I would love to meet some hunting buddies up here......


I live on 29 Palms but originally from San Diego. Grew up hunting Quail in Mexico, Dove in Yuma and Pheasant in South Dakota. Just got back from 2 1/2 years in Okinawa, Japan and 7 months in Afghanistan so this is my first time getting to hunt in several years.

I have several 20ga shotguns with my favorite being my Beretta A303.

My Grandfather was my not only my hero, but also my hunting mentor. He first took me Quail hunting in Mexico when I was 3.

Any chance I get to hunt and can really get into some birds is a dream hunt to me.


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I'm living in the North Bay currently going to school (23). My dad taught me how to shoot years back with a Remmington youth pump, and today I shoot that same gun along with his old Ithica Model 37 featherlight 12 ga. Quail is my game (both mountain and valley) and this is my first season with my own bird dog (a Large Munsterlander). We hunt here in the North Bay (primarily public) but want to get to Nevada for the red legged devils! I think my dream hunt, would be going for the Californian Trifecto (Valley, Mountain, and Mearns) in a two or three day hunt!


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Where do I start

Past resident of Calif for for 50 Plus years now Call Utah home.

My Passion is Bird hunting especially Waterfowl

For the last 20 years I am part of a group that heads to the Colorado River, Blythe for the Dove Opener.. One of our senior members I truely believe He was a Dove in a Prior Life he puts in the Birds EVERY year. Everyone in the Group has introduced their Sons and Daughters to Hunting on this Annual Trip and now those young Hunters are adults and Parents and they are Passing on the Tradition with their Kids,,,,,,,,, Got To Love It

I have a hunting partner her name is "Miss Annie Get You Goose ", shes a Black Lab and its all business when she hits the field. She will be 7 this year and the last 4 yrs upon moving here to Utah she started Pointing Pheasants out of the Blue And has has never stopped. I have even guide with her out of a Club I joined here.

My GO TOO Gun i have been shooting for 15 Plus years is the Original Benelli SBE, in fact I have 2 incase i ever wear this out, LOLOLOL

If I had to place in order what I like to hunt 1st =Geese,2= Ducks,3 = Pheasants, 4 = Doves,5= Quail, 6= Chukar

Nice and informative reading Everyones POSTs

Sarghunter = Lewie


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I'm in San Diego and new to the forum. I hunt with my pointing lab and my working line German shepherd. We chase quail from San Bernardino to Arizona. What can I say...I have a problem.


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Second year hunter from Ventura. Loving chasing quail. I’m up the 33 any chance I can get. I use a 20g semi auto. So far the most fun I’ve had with quail was stalking them with flu flus and my recurve. Haven’t tagged one yet with the bow but you really learn a lot about the birds when you bow hunt them and it’s great scouting.

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