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Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Upland?

Uncle Rus

Howdy from Lakeside - This is a great site!

First hunt when I was 6 years old bird dogging for my brothers down by New River outside of Brawley. First time shooting at 10 years old with my uncles 1925 Long Tom Single Shot Goose Gun, got knocked right on my tail. Quickly went to a .410 and progressed from there. Turning 50 this month and have not missed a Dove Season yet! Too many memories to count but can claim teaching many friends, brothers, nephews to bird shoot ethically but most proud of just completing seventeen years in a row bird shooting with my son, he started at 10.

Dream Hunt 'All of them'

Shotgun 'Single Shot'

Please Pick Up Your Trash!


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Hey all, I live in La Quinta but grew up on some land in Moreno Valley. My mom was SO against guns that it took me until I was 12 to get a red ryder BB gun. My dad had a couple of guns and taught me gun responsibility, but never took me to hunt. I terrorized lizards around my house for years (BBs would bounce off of birds) and when I got older I took my dads .410 out and shot "anything that would move" in the hills around my house. As I matured that just didn't seem very sportsmen like though. I now have an 8 year old son and am getting a Brittany so I thought upland hunting would be a great thing for us to do. Now I have to train the dog, the boy, and learn everything I can...and would love to get a Citori O/U, but may have to start out with the Remington 850. From what I can tell there are hunt zones all over the Coachella valley and surrounding desert, I also have a trailer down at Lost Lake in Blythe so that might come in handy.


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The name is Ryan I live in orange county but am orriginally from the uk and I hunt upland with my 2 yr old Vizsla Logan



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First post here. I am from Iowa. I hunt Iowa and South Dakota every year for pheasants. I use a Beretta auto and a black lab. I am expanding my upland horizons and thats why I found this site. I can see chukars and quail in my future.


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Hi I am from Arcadia,CA
I go chukar, quail hunting near Randsburg,CA in the mojave desert. dove and rabbit hunting near lockhart,CA and grouse hunting in the hills of lone pine and independence ,CA
I shoot a Browning BPS 12ga pump or 16ga savage arms
Learned to hunt from my dad and his friends in the hills of Paso Robles

Shady Meadows Gundogs

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New to California/ old hat at huntin!

Started hunting before I can remember with my dad, grandpa and other family. I was the bird dog. Now I'm "the guy with a hundred bird dogs". I have a passion for upland hunting and watching high quality bird dogs that borders on obsession (or more realistically, dwarfs obsession, truth be known). I own one of the largest bird dog kennels in the country in MO www.shadymeadowsgundogs.com and have as of last month moved to the central coast of CA to manage one of my clients ranches/kennels for him out here www.elitepointers.com So now I guess I'm getting ready to wreak havoc on the bird population out here.:smiley-mouse: OK, not really, my dogs are a lot better at finding them than I am at hitting them:lol bashing sign:
That being said, if anybody wants to go hunting out here just give me a buzz. I've got plenty of dogs!:) Only bird hunting or hog hunting though. Don't care much about the rest. Love to fish with my kids though so if any of you guys are fishing guides and want to swap out some trips, drop me a line (no pun intended!).


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I write you from Phoenix AZ, Around here my brother and I often hunt Gambles quail During the week. On the weekends at the begining of the season we hunt Scaled (blues) quail and once the end of November comes around off to hunt The elusive Mearns quail in southern Arizona. Lots of open land and lots of birds some hard hiking though> I started hunting Pheasant at 10 years old with my Father and brother in the corn fields of Illinois.I am now thirty and can not wait for my one year old Boy to be able to come with.


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Late Bloomer

I first deer hunted with my dad and grandfather when I was around 5. Dove around then as well. I didn't actually hunt but participated with them. About six years or so ago I tagged along with some friends to hunt Quail. Loved it! I bought in (20ga and apparel) and go when I can. Which is only a couple of times annually. One annual trip to western AZ to our secret spot. I've been scouting the Victorville area where my family now resides to be able to get more days in annually.

I guess I did my upland dream hunt last year up around Hecla, SD for Pheasant and waterfowl.


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Dovies 9-1

Hey Everyone,
I just joined, I'm from Apple Valley have been here for just about 6 yrs prior in the SFV. I have not hunted for some time and looking forward to September 1, trying out the Niland area this year unless I get some advise. Used to hunt the desert and the LA Forest for white tails and doves. I have been using my trusty Remi wingmaster 12 and love this gun. I once hunted doves/rabbits in Central Mexico while visiting my uncle many years ago would like to do something like that with my son. Taking him out this year, he deploys to Ft. Knox Kentucky in November. So maybe this is a dream hunt.

Any advise?


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I live in Modesto new to hunting ,been doing so rabbit hunting but would like to do so upland bird hunting not sure where to go.


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where the pheasant

where the pheasant
Hello Jesse and other members,

I finally was able to register and am glad to join this great group. I live in Central California. I have been hunting Dove and Pheasant in Central California for 30 years.

I use a Beretta 12 Guage shotgun. It is 28 years old and still fires like the day I first shot it.

My dream hunt would be a South Dakota pheasant hunt, since the population of wild pheasants here in Central California is a fraction of what it used to be twenty years ago and haven't had that great a hunt since.


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Good ol' Lemoore

My Name is Dru but you can call be Bondo. I am a Native Texan transplanted in the central valley about 18 years ago( active duty Navy). I have been hunting since I was 11. I realized a few years ago that I don't know as much as I thought about hunting. The internet is an awesome tool. I mainly hunt dove and quail here in Cali. Did my first paid Pheasant hunt last year with the Lions club in Corcoran it was a good time but would love to find them in the wild. Expanding my mind to chukkar this year. I hunt mostly public land in the Valley. The rush of a covey taking flight is worth the effort it takes to find them. Up until last year I was shooting a Rem 870 20g w full choke. Finally upgraded to a Browning Gold 12 and love it. So I passed the 870 on to my 14 yr old son. This is his first year in the field. I also want to get a good gun dog. But retirement is about 21 months away and I will be heading back to Texas.
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Hi ladies and gents,

I live in Irvine (undergrad @ UC Irvine) and almost hunt upland 90% of the time. I've been freedive-spearfishing Southern California since childhood, but land hunting is new to me. Since the closest hunting grounds to Irvine is Cleveland National Forest, it's where I go the most. (Allows weekday trips before class) Still very green behind the ears and many trips end up being hikes rather than hunts.

Looking forward to learning!



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New to forum

I hunt chukar and quail in the high desert area. I would like to get into some pheasant hunting but not sure where to go yet. I have a 1 year old GSP male. I have trained him myself and am planning on running him in navhda trials in spring. See you all out there. Let me know if you know of any areas I. Around so cal or central cal for pheasant. Not too interested in planted/ released ranches.

Hello all. I was active on this website about five years ago, but haven't been around much. I grew up hunting in and around San Diego, with annual deer trips up to B4 zone. I used to shoot dove in El Centro and quail all over San Diego County. I now live in Santa Cruz, am in the process of training a 4 month old GSP puppy, and trying to find some nearby spots. I haven't hunted upland in Cali for years now, and never in the central coast region, so this area is all new to me.


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Hello all..
I am from the Colorado river area.more specificaly Blythe , Ca ...been huntin for 17 years now..since i was 10...still have the same gun i started off with..remington 870 pump in 20 guage...my dad was the one who got me into hunting and one day i hope to get my son into hunting also...i hunt for dove quail, and waterfowl all in the areas surrounding blythe...can not wait till the dove opener...always looking for new ppl to hunt with and enjoy the experience..every time i go out would be my dream hunt...dream gun would be a beretta extrema II ... happy hunting and good luck and be safe


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I live in San Jose, CA soon-to-be Central Oregon and I hunt pheasant on my family's duck club near Grizzly Island and also on my friend's ranch. My first hunt (of any kind) was a drawn dove hunt with my Dad near Harris Ranch and I've been hooked on all types of hunting since, and was taught by him. I usually dove, quail and pheasant hunt, but moving to Oregon, I'll be adding chukar and grouse to that list of upland game. For pheasant, grouse and chukar I use my Beretta 12-gauge and for dove and quail I like to use my Beretta 20-gauge. My dream upland hunt would be to pheasant hunt South Dakota with my Shorthair Katy.

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