Larry Hamilton Hunting Club Scam. hog hunt scam


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Larry Hamilton is not on DFG's current list of licensed big game guides. Another reason to have law enforcement jump on the dirtbag.



Is this the same guy?

Hamilton's Pheasant Resort - 71604 Cholame Rd., Parkfield, CA. 9345.1 PH# (805) 463-2349. Contact: Larry Hamilton. 115 miles NW of Los Angeles. Member. Sporting: 1, 5 stations.
I got that from "Gun Ranges and Gun Clubs" right here on is also under "Hunting Clubs, Lodges, Preserves and Ranches"


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dizaaam gw.. thanks for bringing that up.
Also, guess what shows up first on a google search for Larry Hamilton Pheasant Resort??
Larry Hamilton Pheasant Resort , Thats right, the JHO listing of this guys outfit. (no reviews, yet

Assuming this is the same guy, I say those of you who have been scammed by Larry Hamilton, go ahead and plug your "review" in. Hopefully it will give a heads up to people who search for him in the future.

Here is the link to his JHO listing:


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You dont need a guide license to sell unguided hunts. It is just like charging a trespass fee. Also, just because the fish and game guide license list available on DFG's website doesn't have a guys name on it, doesn't mean he's unlicensed. It is an option to be listed on that list.

I'm not defending the guy, but I'm not sure it is a fish and game issue. I think it would be a fraud issue and that would be the way to go. I'm also not opposed to a good 'ol fashioned a$$ whippin!


We removed Larry Hamilton's listing from our website. I hope no one got burned off that listing.


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Yeah, good old larry...
I have crossed paths with him a long time ago, and he is exactly as has been stated, a fraud. He may have a lease or rental property, but if there is any game there, that's something different. Save your money, he will claim one thing and you will get burned...


A guy at work told me about this club he and his buddy just joined after seeing an ad in WON. $300 a month for access to a couple ranches near Pasa Robles. That includes 2 unlimited size pigs a year and all additional pigs under 100 lbs are free.

Showed me the contract. The contact name is Hamilton.

I almost jumped on it. Whew.


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There are so many things people can do as victims like contact your district attorney fraud unit,if you mailed the checks he's using the mails to defraud contact the postal inspectors ,probably not declaring the money as income report him to IRS,State Franchise Tax Board,I'd find out where he lives and what he owns by hiring a skip tracer to locate him then take him to small claims court.If the perp has been scamming hunters for a long time he's probably moved from the misdeamnor into a full blown felony for fraud.


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What POS it sounds like we need to do a little recon and then do some tar and feathering. just throwing it out there i can get the feathers


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A person could contact San Luis Obispo DFG
Talk to Warden Todd Tognazini. He is special under cover. He might be able to help out.I know this guy Hamilton has been doing this at least 5 years, thats when my buddy got taken at the Hamilton Pheasant club in Parkfield. Tognazini runs a hunt club at George works Ranch ( go figure) which is also in Parkfield.


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Larry Hamilton has been pulling his shenannigans for over 20 years that I know of, and the way he slides around in the muddy area of quasi legal entry fees vs guiding or outfitting is what makes it so hard to throw his %$# IN JAIL... I'm sure there are others out there who do the same kind of "gray area hunting for money". There is nothing wrong with charging a tresspass fee to hunt "wild game" on private ranches, IF there is really wild game there to be had. But IMHO, if it has Larry Hamilton's name on it, steer clear...


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He also has a add in the SF Chronicle. He burned a friend of mine too, every time my friend called to hunt Larry said the poperty was full up.Even weekdays!

Buck Hunter Vic

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Yeah Larry Hamilton the crook,yep he screwed my dad and I 3 yr's ago,he showed us a nice club,in May 2003 for the up coming deer season,it was nice rolling hill's with oak's all over and a couple of nice lake's,done by Jolon,and when it was time to hunt it,He had said he was having problem's with the owner,and that we would be hunting another club,well guy's it was 90% brush,and the other 10% was poison oak,great deal huh.

Then I went fishing the following June 2004 with some friend's,and the had it happen to them to,and 11 of there friend's,he's been doing it for yr's,and I waiting to see him in the Obit's one day,from screwing the wrong person. Oh by the way,that is the SOB's phone #.Oh also be careful,he has a son,I believe named Jason or Jeremy.


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yeah, i got burned a couple of years ago by larry. put on on some property after waiting 10 months to hunt. it was about a 50 acre parcel and i found out later we tresspassed across private property to get there. of course larry was gone when the owner wanted to throw me and my 12 yr old son in jail. larry never returned my calls after that. i have talked to the f&g about him though


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also larry is no relation to dave hamilton at guns and roosters. dave runs a great place and i recomend it to everybody


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pretty sure i stopped and gave a guy's truck a jump from fresno. hunting on one of his pieces off interlake rd. i drive interlake rd every day .think i'll stop andchat with some of these guys and pass this info on. next time i run into tom [john] foster, local warden i'll put a bug in his ear?


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I'm gonna write the the fresno bee now. It would really hurt him to have his income taken away. I think others that have given this guy money should follow a lawsuit; for $30 or so ti would be worth seeing this guy in court.


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I just finished sending this email to the Fresno Bee -


My name is Tim XXXXX. I am an avid california hunter and recently picked up your newspaper the Fresno bee. There is an advertiser that is running a Fraud and scam from your newspaper. His name is Larry Hamilton. I have some firends who lost money to the guy and he took the money and disconnected all telephone numbers and means of contact without ever refunding their money (or producing what they paid for).

I have done some additional research on the guy and find others that say the same. I am also contacting the FBI because this is a Federal offense. I fully respect and read your newspaper when I am in town and I know that you would not knowingly accept advertising from fraudulent persons.

I appreciate if you would look into the matter as I am passing on this info to the FBI and local authorities with his name and advertisements. I will also be passing along the name of your publication and these contact name for yourself and Mrs Della Hemphill in the event that the authorities have any questions.

I am confident that you will look into this matter.



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There is an ad in today's Modesto Bee with the same phone number. (831-385-8283) I have seen it run a few times in the past.

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