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Larry Hamilton Hunting Club Scam. hog hunt scam

Rw Dunn

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Come everybody lets find larry, search your local papers and screw with him. Make him travel to get his money and waste his gas and time.:rotflmao:
If I had only seen this posting yesterday

I and my dad just sent in our money. I did call Holister PD to report him and got some good info. Although I have not been scammed as of right now, if it turns out to be the case, Mr. Hamilton just scamed the wrong two people.

Where's Bruce?

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One call...

...to CALTIP and the DFG investigators will not only sting this guy, but pull his banking records to see how many people he's defrauded for possible felony fraud indictment. Do it!


A friend at work just told me about this deal he got. $300 a year but the guy wants to be paid $75 quarterly for access to his property and you have to share some meat with him. You have to call ahead to reserve the property. Sounded good, then he gave me the name and number of the guy, Guess Who? Larry Hamilton #831-385-8283. Gonna call just to see what he has to say, Im curious to hear it from his mouth.

Also, my buddy said he did get to go to the prooperty but never saw any pigs.

ukj 1971

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Hey just thoght I give you all a heads up ....Larry Hamilton is back at it hes placed ads in the thrifty nickle offering a year s access to a ranch for $250.

Buck Hunter Vic

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I cant believe they haven't hung this guy by his nut's yet, or maybe even shot. He's been scamming people for yr's. Thank's for the head's up.


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Larry.....long hair larry got me and two others for 250 each last year. Paso property....800 acres of nothing. Water? Ya.... a koi pond plastic tub......empty.


Call often to speak with Larry, or his recorder at least. 831-385-8283. I'm not advocating you give him the run around and make him chase his tail now. Just call and let him know how he is loved on JHO and in the pig hunting community.

It appears Larry's dropping his price? Recession or is the word getting out and he had to offer better bait?


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i cant belive with all the cops and BLM ppl that like to hunt that no one is going to do anything. I am now wondering how this can be. I am sure that if my Father has a run in with this lame Larry ( dad is larry also) and he owes us money. My dad will get it back. Not sure what the USMC can or will teach you. But my dad was in the corps for 27 plus years and was a chopper pilot that was shot down 3 times in war. I would almost pay the money just so we can see my pops make this guy pay up. Funny part is im sure it would not take a fight. My dad would just say some thing. kind of like make a offer u cant say no too. lol. Stand up for your self. We our hunters not home wifes.
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Jess, that's the same # I got last year. It came from the "thrifty nickle" property is located at.... interlake road, lockwood Ca. The membership club is "wild game hunts" the package was $250. One year, 2 hogs, 1 turkey. It felt foolish after I learned of the guy but live and learn. He will not return calls.

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on 2nd thought... if 10 ppl want to pay 25 to get this guy out of biz. I can ask my uncle to sign up at no risk and to get this guy for all the good hunters. With out giving his whole back ground.. Lets say it starts as a chopper pilot with the USMC (like my dad) but than gose on to work with sum of these guys that just have a few letters for a name. He loves to hunt... even ppl also. So mayb this would just b like a fun side job. Just a thought.... sumone has to shut this guy down at sum point.


New member
This guy is a ghost

Here's the situation people. This guy is constantly popping up here and there. No firm description or location only a phone number and some Guy who escorts unsuspecting hog fever victims to a trespass. Lets face it. This guy is either "The Dread Pirate Roberts" or even Kaiser Soze *(umlaut omitted). For those fans of Princess Bride or Usual Suspects you get it.

But really would not be surprised if some disgruntled hunter signs with this guy and there is an AD. I don't know but I'm saying....

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