Where Are You From & Where Do You Hunt Hogs?


Hi all,

I'm brand new to this site and fairly new to hunting. I'm from San Jose, CA and just started hunting late last year. So far I've been on a couple pheasant hunts at Jersey Island and a turkey hunt (with the bow) in Valley Springs, both with no luck so far...

I'm hoping to go on my first pig hunt in Hollister at Chopper's ranch with my best friend, Jason, in the next couple of weeks, provided there are still openings. I'll be sure to keep ya'll posted on my results! I'll admit, I'm fairly nervous about the upcoming adventure but I can't wait to dive in! Any advice would be most helpful!

Anywho, just wanted to introduce myself! Would love to hear from fellow bow hunters in my area!

My name is Matt and I'm new to the sport of boar hunting. I am from the Bay Area, with a few years spent in Colorado. I am an archery hunter in search of swine. I took my first trip to Lake Sonoma last weekend in search of pigs. As seems to be the case with most guys, I saw lots of sign and game paths, but no pigs. I was able to flush 2 deer down by the water's edge, and a huge jackrabbit in some underbrush near "No Name," but not a snort. I'm planning another trip for March 22. Any advice on how to find these boogers would be greatly appreciated.

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Those damn piggies like to come out at sundown and head back to their beds at sunup... Went on a hunt at Choppers in Hollister this past weekend and didnt see a pig but plenty of fresh sign and tracks (includeing a few prints ON TOP of my boot prints from earlier that morning). Pretty frustrating! Not sure if the moon (which was almost full) had anything to do with them being overly nocturnal... Still alot of fun though! One of the guys in our group bumped about 30 hogs that were bedded down in some poison oak around 7am! Was a great learning experience with it being my first pig hunt!

Check out Choppers website... He's got a beautiful archery only ranch with plenty of pigs! Oh, and a plethera of ground squirrels for target practice during the middle of the day... ;) As Chopper says, "They're funner than sh!t to shoot at!".

Happy Hunting!

Thanks for the info. I have been going out at dawn and dusk and I've been seeing tons of sign. I'll be up there again in March. Maybe I'll see you out on the trail.

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Moved here last summer from Florida. looking to hunt Vandenberg using any method legal. anyone have info on the area? Lets talk!!


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The way I see it..All The posts are GREAT..Any one know of any pig huntin up around Avery or Arnold..They are close up to Big Trees Park..


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Hey hog hunters!

Discovery Channel is making a show about hogs and we need footage of hog attacks or footage of some scary, mean hogs. If you have anything like this or know of anyone that does please contact me as soon as possible. Compensation is negotiable. [email protected] or 240-223-3415.

New to site, never been hog hunting, but I've been deer, duck, pheasant, and just about every other varmint hunting Northern CA has to offer. They don't have pigs where I usually hunt, which is Burney to Alturas area, so I've never even seen one. I'm trying to set up a trip early January but I've got a lot of stuff to get together first. Hoping to go the 9th, 10th, 11th to Lake Sonoma. I live close to Grizzly Island, but never see pigs out there...not that I've known what to look for.
I hunt with a Winchester Model 88 and a compound bow.

I was given two bows ( an Alpine Hunter 70#, and a Ranger 100lb) One bow was given to me by a hog hunter from Diablo when I was working on his house. The man had 200+ Boars in his house. He'd had them all mounted. Got my interest in the piggies you could say.
I live on 5 acres in Vacaville CA, so I get a lot of practice with the bow.


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I was born and raised in the visalia ca and i hunt pigs in the coalinga area near laguna mt. aswell as the D8-7 zones. I hunt all public land

I shoot a 7mm rem mag

cheers to Jho for a awesome site


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Just stumbled onto this site tonight, Great looking site! Lots of info

Born and raised in Red Bluff, CA. Been hunting since I can remember, hunt most anything from deer and pigs to rabbits and game birds.

Have been hunting hogs for about 8-10 years, since we first saw them on the property (a family friend owns 450 acres west of town). Lucky for us the neighboring ranch's run hunting operations, they have a fair amount of feed planted and it helps keep the pigs in the area.

Between my father, brother and myself I think we have taken approx 12-15 hogs off the 450 acres since we started hunting them. Most taken with either a 30-06/300 savage. And several taken with 12G slugs.

My brother and I bagged two sows last month just before fall turkey season closed. Lucky for us we both brought slugs along in the day packs. We got into a herd of about 15-20 mostly smallish size 50-70lbs and 5 120-150lbs sows....we ended up taking two sows about 150lbs each. Moved in from down wind, shots were taken at about 40-45 yards.

I have seen hogs on a couple occasions on BLM around the Red Bluff/Redding area. Never have gotten a shot at one on public land, hopefully I can change that soon. If anyone is interested in stomping around the Public lands up here in the area let me know. Even if we don't find hogs its great scouting for deer and nice to get out and hunt.


Live in Los Angeles with my wife and four children. I got turned onto hunting late in life (4 years ago now). I have only gone after pig as the all year season fits my hectic schedule nicely. I tried a guided hunt on private land (saw one pig running full tilt at a distance), public land (have yet to see a pig here), and finally flew to Texas to take my first hog.

At it this point, a pig on public lands would be the dream hunt for me...

I'm looking forward to start taking my son out this year.

I hunt with a 30-30 and a 300 WSM. I would love to try my hand with a bow, but I need to get my success rate up with a rifle first.


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Live in Paso Robles. Hunt pigs in SLO and Monterey county.Its tough if you don't have some Private Land. Pozo, Simmler,FHL and CR pretty good sometimes.Otherwise its $$$$ to hunt. Good honest guides can be found here!


Im from Santa Rosa and hunt on private land and just hit lake sonoma for the first time, I hunt with a PSE bow. Im hooked on the whole bowhunting thing.


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Hi i am from maui. I have only hunted hogs for about a year. and only taken one so far. i hunted with everything from a .50 cal to a bow i took my hog with a .308.

dream hunt kill a hog with my bow on public land.



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Hi there my name is Casey I hunt hogs in the central valley near Glennville on my family's ranch and have killed 5 hogs there, the biggest being a 220 lb sow. There did not used to be many pigs in this area until some local ranchers released some, God knows why and now everyone is overrun with them and now I understand they are very thick on the Hot Springs side as well and ranchers are pretty much letting anyone go in there to thin then out.
Yours in Christ,
Casey <><


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Hello everyone. I'm very new to this site but have been reading many forums about hog hunting. Love this site and wish to chat with all of you.

I'm from Beaverton OR and came down for some hog action in Dec. at Lake Sonoma. Spotted few hogs around the No Name Flat area but couldn't score. Yep, this is my first time out for hogs ever and with a bow. Love the country though.
I've lived in monterey my whole life. I have hunted from davenport to south SLO county. I have always dogs. About 20 years of experiece. Love the dogs, Have only rifled a hand full of pigs. Rest of the time been using the dogs and my pistol. I have had catahoulas, catahoula X's and some kemmer cur stock X's.


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Hello everyone.I live in california,kern county near tehachapi.Its difficult to get access here due to all the private land so I tend to hunt in SLO county and have very limited access to a ranch in kings county where I shot my first pig.Tejon is close but I have never hunted there.


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hey all,

My name's Nate, I grew up in San Francisco but now I'm living in the South Bay Area. I've never gone hunting before, but I started reading this forum because I got interested in hunting hogs recently. I don't even have a gun or a bow or a license, but I'm just trying to learn as much as I can while I'm saving up money.

If anybody around the Bay Area is going on a hunting trip sometime this summer and doesn't mind a complete newbie tagging along to watch, let me know! I'm good at following directions, so if we're following some hogs and you need me to shut up and duck behind some bushes, I'll do it quickly and quietly. I'm just hoping to learn a bit about hunting.

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